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New Parent Benefits

Early Steps Maternity

Early Steps Maternity, through Quantum Health, provides health and wellness support to pregnant women. From the first trimester to post-delivery, nurses and maternity health coaches are available to answer questions, provide support and help navigate the health care system.  

Early Steps Maternity Benefits

  • Health Care Navigation: As trained care coordinators, maternity coaches can assist with many issues for a mother-to-be, including confirming provider status, answering benefits and claims questions and much more.  

  • Holistic Clinic Support: Maternity coaches and nurses can assess the mother’s overall wellbeing, emotional health, sleep quality, nutrition and physical activity.  

  • Maternity Resources: Enrolled employees have access to Healthwise, an on-demand resources library, a secure message center where they can connect with their coach or nurse between sessions and a free informational book.

Milk Stork

Konecranes is now offering Milk Stork breast milk shipping to employees and their spouses.  Milk Stork is the first-ever breast milk shipping company for breastfeeding parents to use domestically and internationally.  Pump, pack, ship, or tote your breast milk wherever it needs to go from anywhere in the world using Milk Stork’s refrigeration or frozen shipping options.

To use Milk Stork, click here for the Konecranes portal and create an account using your employee email address. 


WeeCare has rebranded and is now known as Upwards. Konecranes is excited to partner with Upwards to offer childcare benefits. Upwards is the largest childcare network in the United States, committed to providing families with access to quality, affordable care. Think of Upwards as your personal assistant for finding full-time, licensed, and quality early educators who are affordable and nearby. They can quickly connect parents to childcare providers with flexible schedules that include babysitters, nannies, tutors, full-time, part-time, drop-in, weekend, special needs and overnight care options. 

Connect with your Care Manager at (937) 883-6959 or through the Upwards Portal

Upwards Benefits

Back Up Care: Emergency childcare when regular care falls through.  

Childcare Assistance: Access to 5,000+ nationwide licensed home daycares plus access to 50,000+ network of providers, such as nannies, babysitters and preschools.  

24/7 Support: Upwards' dedicated care managers provide access to 24/7 placement services and customer support.

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